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SocialBamBam Turns Your Talents To Wealth Via N1000 Marketplace To Buy & Sell Services


In a country with over 75% unemployment rate, it’s quite difficult to make ends meet amongst the active citizens. Even hardly can an average Nigerian spend a dollar per day without a good job.

The other day during our field work at SocialBamBam, we met many university graduates earning less than N20, 000 per month . . .  even employers see it as a big opportunity to give them employment, always threatening them to resign if they are not satisfied with the peanut.

While we are not saying you should quit your job or stop job hunting, we will rather let you know that there is more you can do at your spare time to make extra money than waiting till month end to eat good meal.



The simple idea of SocialBamBam is to create a platform where you can turn your talents/passion to services and sell.  On SocialBamBam, sellers can offer their services o n the platform and get paid to do little tasks like translation, postcard design, graphics, voice over, visual info products, programming etc.

SocialBamBam offers ease in payment as buyers have the option of paying via bank Deposit  and  Debit Cards  while sellers can withdraw theirs earning through bank remittance, cheque  and  SocialBamBam reloadable debit card.


Getting Started

Services on SocialBamBam are offered for a fixed price of ₦1,000.

Joining Socialbambam is free and can be done here: .

You need to be a registered user to buy or sell on SocialBamBam.

For Buyers

You can browse the homepage, category or subcategory pages, or use the search to find a service you want to purchase. All services start at ₦1,000 and some contain extra services, which you can purchase as well. Just click on the service to make a purchase.

For Sellers

Buyers pay SocialBamBam for orders in advance. For each ₦1,000 Service you sell and successfully deliver. Your account is credited with ₦800 while we take N200 per successful transaction. The seller is credited once an order is completed. See our Terms of Service for a definition of a completed order.


Visit now to register.

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